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Browsers compatible with Gentoo OS.
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Browser Installation

Several browsers may be downloaded and installed on Gentoo through the add/remove programs panel or command line with the emerge package manager.



Gentoo Add/Remove Software Panel

The software management panel has a library of programs designed specifically to work with your version of Gentoo.

Locating software in the panel

Open the "add/remove" software window, accessible through the menu options. Type or paste the name of the desired browser into the search window, and click "search".

Installing through the panel

Click on piece of software, then click "install". The software manager will prompt for the root password, then download and install the dependencies along with the main program.

emerge Command Line Software Manager

Gentoo uses the emerge software manager for command line program installs. It will download and install the program along with needed libraries.

Check software compatibility

To install the software via command line, you need to first find it's name and see if the desired browser is available through emerge.

Using a search engine

The fastest way is to search. Open up your favorite search engine such as Google, and enter:

emerge softwarename on Gentoo

This will produce results such as help forum entries that will tell if that software may be installed with emerge and your version of Gentoo, and what it is named.

Using the emerge list feature

emerge can list all of the available packages, type:

emerge --search *softwarename*

Installing the browser through emerge

Once the name of the program and availability is verified from an internet search, the software can be installed along with any dependencies by using a command:

emerge softwarename

Type "y" at the prompt to accept the new program. The name of a program as it is stated in emerge might remain the same throughout the years and different operating systems, or differ slightly. A quick internet search should show the current syntax.

Direct download from main website

Browsers for Gentoo may also be downloaded and installed from the main website of the software developer. This will often be the most up to date.

Package Installer

Click on piece of software, which might come in a file such as".rpm" and then click "install". The software manager will prompt for the root password, then download and install the dependencies and main packages.

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